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Clinical social workers provide therapeutic and supportive services and care for a specific group of people such as teenagers, prisoners, child offenders, aged people, men, or women. They work in health clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, community mental health clinics, psychiatric hospitals, military hospitals, counseling clinics, and hard substance abuse clinics.

Some of the job descriptions are as follows:

  • Determine the cause of behavioral, emotional, and psychological problems.

  • Observe patient behavior, take note of their needs, and develop the right treatment(s).

  • Come up with treatment plans and psychotherapy depending on how it is needed. 

  • Plan consultations with medical personnel like doctors, therapists, and other professionals.

  • Conduct the right programs for social service.

    The lists of needs attended to by clinical social workers includes depression, psychosis, anxiety disorders, autism, and other developmental disabilities, self or other individuals injurious behavior, abuse of hard substance, traumatic experience, grief, vocational and other mentoring, adjustments to new environments or occurrence, parental guidance and coaching.

    The clinical worker takes their time to observe and pinpoint the problem to proffer a solution to it that could be therapeutic or physical. Clinical social workers should have the following attributes to be able to function well.

Inquisitive nature

To be a good social clinical worker, observing people and getting answers is an excellent skill to have.

Ability to work with different types of people

Social clinical work is good for those comfortable coming in contact with people with various moral, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Mental stability

This is a required part of the job because social workers must comport themselves when assisting other patients.

Good listening skills

A sensitive part of this work is being a good listener and developing prescriptions or advice as the case may be.

Natural empathy

This means truly caring for others and advocating for them, whether old or young. Some clients may need a respite from difficult and mentally unstable times. A clinical social worker should be able to offer assistance by getting them the correct care and drug they need.

Missing link

As a clinical social worker, you may just have to be the link between patients and caregivers for health and psychology.

Becoming a Clinical Social Worker

A clinical social worker isn't the same as a social worker. To become a clinical social worker, you must have a Master's of Social Work from an accredited program, which takes about two years to complete or one year if you already have a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree. In addition, you must complete 2 to 3 years of supervised clinical experience and pass the licensing exam in your state to legally practice as a clinical social worker.

Here at Savia Community Counseling Services, we're all about impacting people's lives by providing quality and compassionate support and care. As such, we're always in need of dedicated clinical social workers. If you'd love to join us, check our job board for available openings! Need help with anxiety, depression, grief/loss, autism, trauma, and others? Talk to us, and let's get you on the path to full recovery. Your mental health is important to us.

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Clinical Social Workers Job

What Do Clinical Social Workers Do?

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