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Are you searching for a community counselor in Lodi, NJ? Savia Community Counseling provides adolescents and caregivers comprehensive and compassionate counseling. Resilience, strength-based, and compassion are the three pillars of our practice. SCCS was founded by Dr. Sakima Gonzalez, who had been involved with the New Jersey Children's System of Care for over a decade in multiple roles, such as Care Manager Supervisor, IIC/BA Supervisor, and IIC practitioner. We understand the importance of healthy outlets for individuals to utilize when they are struggling, and we are committed to providing the highest level of service.

Due to Dr. Sakima Gonzalez's vast knowledge of in-community services, she decided to create an agency that nurtures, prepares, and supports practitioners interested in community-based work. 
Today, SCCS continues to have a positive impact in the community with its team of in-community providers, clinical supervisors, and administrative staff. Our counselors have a wide range of areas of expertise, including trauma, adoption, LGBTQ, loss, substance abuse, immigration, complex family dynamics, depression, anxiety, and more.

Benefits of counseling

  • Develop increased confidence and communication skills

  • Manage anxiety, depression, and other symptoms

  • Cope with mental health conditions

  • Improved expression of emotions and anger

  • Explore opportunities for change

  • Improve relationships with friends, family, and loved ones

  • Receive support and guidance

Savia Community Counseling Services (SCCS) is dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of the people we serve by delivering in-community psychotherapeutic and supportive services within a culturally informed approach. Whether your loved one is struggling with a traumatic event, anxiety, depression, or another mental health condition, Savia is here to provide compassionate counsel. At Savia Community Counseling, you will find a team of professionals with a high sense of responsibility, social involvement, and dedication to their work. Our motivation is to provide compassion counseling by adhering to the highest standards of ethics and quality control. When you need a counselor, Savia Community Counseling is here to support you. Contact Savia Counseling to learn more about our community counseling services in Lodi, NJ.

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Community Counselor in Lodi, NJ

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Join our dedicated team and help us
make a difference in the community.

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